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Ten Tips for Using an Object Lesson

1. Select the Idea that you desire to Illustrate – resist the temptation to try and build a lesson around a “NEW” object – Remember the lesson is more important that the object no matter how entertaining

2. Plan every Step for using the object lesson carefully in advance

Create an Outline of the steps – Write it down in detail

Keep It Simple – resist the temptation to explain the details

Stay on Topic – avoid “rabbit trails”

3. Incorporate Storytelling – don’t just present the object lesson build a story around it to reinforce your Main Point

4. Practice – Practice – Practice

Nothing is worse than presenting a poorly prepared object lesson and nothing can replace practice

5. Rehearse in front of an Audiencefamily, friends, a neighbor’s kids – preferably including someone in the age group you a speaking too

6. Be aware of Sight Lines – it’s important that everyone can see the object lesson clearly – check your position on stage and the seating arrangements for your students – sit where they sit and take a look from their perspective

7. Watch for Audience Reactions – Are they connecting?  Are they interested? Do they understand?

8. Add Background Music – appropriate music played softly in the background can add a great deal to the presentation

9. Timing is Critical – be sure to keep the pace interesting without rushing through the presentation

10. Build Suspense until the very end! Build toward an “Ah-Ha” moment when your students will discover the connection between the object and the Main Point

Object lessons can make a teaching point incredibly memorable.  They can also be extremely entertaining when done well.  Choosing a great object lesson to illustrate the Main Point can be something that is talked about for days.  Do you have a favorite that you would like to share?  Do have a Tip you would like to add?  Share it by leaving a Comment!