The Missing Piece ~ Part 2

Just like the church needs a Biblical vision for reaching children so does the family. Have you ever asked God for what He wants for your family? I realized that God designed the family to put His word into future generations. If you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time. So if God gives us the desires of your hear what is your desire and goals for your children? For me I wanted our family to be close. I wanted them to love the Lord with all their heart and love the word. In fact I wanted them to love the Bible so much that it was what they based every choice in their life on. What about you what’s on your list? That a break from your reading and start a list. Then ask God if your list is his list? Remember if you aim at nothing you’ll hit it every time.

The Bible is the benchmark of how we should view the world and how we live. My goal for my children as well as every child I have the opportunity to teach and pastor is for them to grow up to become a doer of the word. I realized early in my ministry that children couldn’t live what they couldn’t remember and they couldn’t remember what they didn’t understand. It changed the way I taught, the methods I used and how visual and simple I needed to communicate but most of all they needed a model or example. Show is needed along with tell! This is what Deut. 6 is all about for a parent to take every available minute they have with their children and make them count to put a love for the Lord and His word. Parents much be as intentional and visual as pastors or teachers. Imagine if we all worked together. The Church and the family one in purpose.

Over these past thirty plus years of working with children I’ve seen thousands of kids come up through my ministry. I am so blessed to have scores of “Timothy’s” in full time ministry who have been in my children’s church. I have gotten a real kick out of catching up with kids on facebook who have been a part of previous children’s ministries I have had the privilege of leading. But the sad spot within my heart is when I think about the kids who are not living for Christ and who are not walking out the goal to become a doer of the word. The problem is not just in church, it’s also in the home! So many kids who were not only raised in the church they were also raised in Christian homes, by Christian parents, listening to Christian music, watching Christian videos, reading Christian books, hanging around with Christian friends who did the same things are not following Christ today. What happen? I believe that the problem lies within the church and the family having two views of life rather than one Bible based world view.

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Jim Wideman is an internationally recognized voice in children’s and family ministry. He is a much sought after speaker, teacher, author, personal leadership coach, and ministry consultant who has over 30 years experience in helping churches thrive. Jim created the Children’s Ministers Leadership Club in 1995 that is known today as "theClub" which has touched thousands of ministry leaders each month. Jim believes his marching orders are to spend the rest of his life taking what he has learn about leadership and ministry and pour it into the next generation of children’s, youth, and family ministry leaders.