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Kidmin Leader – Do You Volunteer? – Part 2

Ok, last week I began discussing the idea of Volunteering Outside of our Ministries.  As leaders who are constantly working on inviting others to serve in our ministries how often do we think about volunteering in other settings? There are a number of community organizations and institutions who are just as eager to recruit volunteers.  My proposition is that if we desire others to volunteer we should be setting the example by volunteering ourselves.

As leaders of ministries we can get a little myopic in our view of volunteerism and I want to challenge us all to think outside the box of ministry.  We are called to serve a community and that means more than just inviting people to attend our events at our building. In a previous post I wrote about how I am currently volunteering in two different local Elementary Schools.  It’s a win-win-win situation…the school benefits from my serving…the children benefit by having another tutor and coach…I benefit by getting an opportunity to meet new kids.

Today I wanted to share about a project I am currently working on for this summer. A couple of my hobbies included Magic, Balloon Twisting and Sport Stacking.  All three of these are things that we use in our children’s ministry and they are also areas in which we invite teens to lead.  This summer we are taking all of these out into our community…through the Public Library!

We have a County Library System that includes five libraries, each located in a different town. One of the great things about libraries are the programs they offer each summer for kids.  With the current economic situation and budgets cuts it is becoming harder and harder to provide this type of programming.  With that in mind I contacted one of our local libraries to offer to provide a program.  After a little discussion I have been invited to provide programming for each of the five libraries!

Right now I am working on producing a Presentation and Workshop for each area – Magic, Balloon Twisting and Sport Stacking. That means we will have the opportunity to present 15 programs this summer in a community setting outside of our church!  We’ll meet kids from all over our county who have never visited our church.  Now, that will get an invitation immediately following a program where they had an opportunity to learn, laugh and have fun!  Another Win-Win situation.

So, my encouragement to all of us is to think outside the box and get outside the building!  Step out in our Communities and VOLUNTEER!  What do you think? What are some ways we can serve outside the walls of our church?