Bible Stories for Children

Have you ever thought about the way we tell Bible Stories for Children? How many Bible Stories can you remember from when you were a child? How did those Bible Stories impact you faith walk?  One of my goals each time I teach is for the kids to walk away with a memorable experience…something they’ll talk about for days. As I thought about this topic I realized there are some Keys to making Bible Stories for Children memorable:

Tell the Bible Story in an Engaging Way

Incorporate a Visually Stimulating Object

Allow room for the Listener’s Imagination

Connect the Bible Story to Real Life

Jesus was the Master Story Teller and when you look at his teaching style I believe these are certainly elements that he used – The Lost Coin, The Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, The Mustard Seed, The Lamp, The Rich Fool…and the list goes on.  In each story Jesus used Objects and Situations that his listeners could relate too. He shared the story in such a way that it left his audience with a sense of wonder which led to discussion.

Another thought that came to mind about telling Bible Stories for Children is that we can become a little jaded and lose the wonder of the miracles in the stories.  We may have read and heard the story for years yet for our kids it may be something new and exciting.  As teachers we should be intentional about expressing that wonder in the way we tell the story.  One of the greatest ways to instill Wonder is to express Wonder. 

So, let’s all be intentional as we prepare each week to share these Incredible Bible Stories for Children. What Bible Story jumps out to you?  What story can you think of right now that you would like to tell in a fresh way?  How can you incorporate Wonder the next time you tell a familiar Bible Story?