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Ten Ways Anyone Can Be Creative ~ Part 3

5. Learn from different camps and types of ministers. I belief the body of Christ has lots of camps and circles. The more of these camps and circles you can penetrate the greater influence and blessing it will bring to you. I am blessed that over the years I have been able to speak to almost every different denomination and group as well as attend almost every major conference the different organizations put on. I have learned something from all of them. Sometimes I come home having learned what not to do but to me that is just as valuable! Here lately I’ve been spending a lot of time with youth and student pastors. Rather than spend my life complaining about youth ministry I’ve been trying to create a different model I have not seen before. I ran it by Sam & Roger but because they are both from the children’s ministry camp I wanted to run my idea by a “dyed in the wool” 100 per cent bonifide Student pastor. So I made a lunch date with Michael Bayne. He’s a young leader I’ve been watching and learning from his blogs, he’s a great church in Clarksville, TN. It’s funny he thought I was going to try to hire him and I wanted to be able to tell him about the my methods and model of Student Ministries I’ve developed and get a Youth Guy’s perspective. It was a very helpful lunch and I hope the start of a new friendship.

6. Go to creative places. I love Disney every park. I try to go to every theme park I can go to, it always jump starts my creativity but so do themed restaurants, as well as creative church environments. I am so thankful for cell phones because now it’s easy to keep a camera with you 24-7 and take pictures of every creative thing you see that you might be able to use or that just strikes your fancy. I have pictures of carpet from Movie Theater and hotels, wall décor from stores at the mall. Wherever I am I see something cool I snap a picture, then when I’m wanting to be creative I go through my picture albums of ideas.

7. Start a creative file. Years ago I realized you did not have to have a million dollar advertising budget to be creative. I started collecting happy meal boxes and bags, brochures from the Disney Store and paying attention to font choices and colors as well as other design concepts I could learn from people who did have a million dollar advertising budget. If a secular business mass marketing to the same age group or demographic as my church I tried to learn from them. When I needed an idea I went through the file. Every church I go to I pick up every form, brochure, offering envelope that I can get my hands on. Then we I get home I file the good ones and trash the bad ones.

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