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The Kids Church Cookbook – A Review

As a Kidmin Leader most of us have the responsibility for producing a Children’s Church program or a Large Group meeting every Sunday morning.  Some of us present the same program at multiple hours and even days (Saturday night…)These programs are also usually one of the key entry points for new kids who attend our church for the first time. That makes the decisions about content and the preparations for presentation of paramount importance on a weekly basis…No Pressure!

With that in mind I wanted to share a review of The Kids Church Cookbook written by Karl Bastian. Karl is the founder of Kidology, and has devoted his life to creatively ministering to kids, and equipping and encouraging others who share that passion. “Karl has been entertaining and ministering to children around the country and around the world through puppets, magic, balloons, and other creative means since he was a kid!”

The Kids Church Cookbook cooks up Karl Bastian’s secrets for what it takes to be a Chef of the Word of God”  Karl’s Cookbook is packed with information and tips that will be beneficial to both rookie and veteran Children’s Leaders. The Cookbook Features 7 individual training installments, each with a companion instructional video. The Kids Church Cookbook is not just a “program” it is a “how to” manual that will stretch you creatively and encourage you to make God’s Word the “main ingredient” in your Kids Church.
The Cookbook is accompanied by a professionally produced “Cooking Show” which is an instructional video companion.  The Kids Church Cooking Show showcases a training topic related to children’s ministry, including ballooning, magic, puppetry, games, object lessons, and more! These downloadable videos not only can help train you, but can also be shown to others in your church ministry. It’s children’s ministry “edutainment” at its best.

I often hear from Kidmin leaders who have limited curriculum budgets or no curriculum budget at all.  The Kid’s Church Cookbook is an incredible resource that when coupled with the Bible can help each of us curriculum junkies “let it go.” Let me encourage you to take a look at the videos online at Kidology.org and take the plunge with Volume 1 “Called to be a Chef of God’s Word.” This may be the best investment you make in 2012!