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5 Goal Writing Steps: Positive Goals (3/5)

Think positive when you’re writing out your goals. There’s power in positivity and optimism. I believe Christ put that in us. Instead of focusing on the things you won’t do this year, focus on the thing you want to do.

For example…

“I don’t want to waste my time this year” is a great goal, but has a negative tone to it. Reword it to something like “I will maximize my time to make a difference”.

Yes, it’s the same goal just worded differently, but it makes all the difference for some people. It’s the difference between a “budget” and a “spending plan”. They’re the exact same thing, but one has more of a positive spin. Everyone wants to spend (positive). Who wants to budget (negative)?

Think about what you want to accomplish, instead of what you don’t want. Write out how you will do it—not how you will not do it.