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Sneak Peek Into a New Preteen Ministry

I recently came across a new preteen ministry blog, The 5/6 Journal. Nick Bremmer, a student ministry leader new to leading preteens, got the urge to start a blog…and he did! The goal is to journal his weekly experiences, both the highs and lows. If you’re new to preteen ministry, just now launching one or simply curious to read a fellow leader’s journey, check out his blog at http://the56journal.blogspot.com/.

Nick (me) recently got a chance to do a Q & A sessions with Nick (the new guy).

Nick, you’re new to leading a preteen ministry. Tell us about your journey to leading preteens.

I first began working in my church’s children’s ministry when I was only 17. Then I floated onto the youth my sophomore year of college. After a year I was hired on as the middle school youth intern. We had an idea for a 5th and 6th grade ministry floating around for almost 2 years. Unfortunately, it got put on hold till this year. I don’t know the details but my name came up in a staff meeting as a potential director of the new ministry. From then on I’ve been on board!

Why do you think preteen ministry is important?

They are at the age where they are beginning to think more abstractly, critically and are starting to face life’s challenges head on. Most people are saying they are just in-between (“tweeners”) stages of their life but they aren’t. They are simply growing and facing challenges head on and sooner that when we faced them as teens. Because of this, I believe it is important to have a ministry that is built specifically for their energy, maturity and spiritual level.

Tell us about your preteen ministry.

My church’s ministry is brand new, still under development and is scheduled to kick off June 3. This will be a new experience for the church, volunteers, students and myself. As it stands we are only going to jump in by offering a Sunday morning program only. Sunday morning will include games or hands on activities, worship, total group lesson time, small group time and relational hang out time. We also want to make sure that this ministry is fully grounded and underway before we start to add a Wednesday night, Sunday night of monthly event. Luckily, all our ministries are in the growing stage so I see us adding new programming for our students by the end of the summer.

What’s the #1 thing you do really well in your preteen ministry?

That’s a hard question to answer since the ministry won’t kick off till June 3. But I will tell you what we currently do really well in the mid/high school ministry that I am hoping to bring into the 5/6 ministry. We are huge on small groups, worship and being very relational (adult to students and student to students). Because of those things, I believe our ministries will continue to grow and make more disciples for Christ.

What do you anticipate being your biggest challenge?

Another question that is tough to answer. As it stands, our only struggle is space. We will be taking over an adult Sunday school room each Sunday when their class ends. It’s a decent sized room but it can’t be personalized specifically to the students. We will have to wait on that. But I do believe God will do His work no matter what size room we are in. As for improvements, I don’t know yet! We will figure that out soon!

If you haven’t yet checked out The 5/6 Journal, go ahead and visit. Then bookmark it and be sure to follow along on Nick’s new journey of leading a preteen ministry.

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Over twelve years ago Nick Diliberto lauched a preteen ministry with a handful of volunteers and about 25 kids. Over the years it grew to over 100 kids and has impacted hundreds of young people's lives. Nick is the driving force behind PreteenMinistry.net, Children's Director at La Jolla Presbyterian Church, workshop speaker and author of an ongoing preteen column in Children's Ministry Magazine.