Teaching Preteens About Bullies

We started our Bullying series last week in Switch. I am amazed at how much of an issue Bullies are with Tweens, but it’s an evident thing in our services that this topic is hitting the mark.

I want to take a minute to thank Preteenministry.net for their wonderful curriculum. I am amazed by it. It’s simply killer and recommend that you use it in your setting if you have a Preteen Ministry.

I would let you know so much about what you are teaching but the curriculum isn’t expensive and is worth your investment. Go get it.

I’ll tell you some extras that we have planned:

  • Wristbands being given away this weekend that say DONT PLAY THAT
  • How Not to be a Bully guide
  • Trying to get a student to share a bullying experience. (this one is tough and requires a ton of bravery)
One week in and it’s one of my favorite series that we have done so far in Switch. Can’t wait to tell you more.