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Leading Kids in Worship – Part 4 – Kidmin Service Order

I believe that the time of Corporate Worship in our Kidmin Service is a vital element in our kids spiritual growth.  While our time of singing songs of praise and worship is only one element in our service it can go a long way in determining how the entire service is received.  The songs we choose, where they are placed in the service order and how they are presented are all critical decisions.  These are things we consider as we determine how best to engage our kids in Worship:

Plan the Flow
When we design our Kidmin Service each Sunday we plan to include three different songs.  We have found that number to be the right balance for our kids.

We typically start with one fast, high-energy praise song so the kids can jump, dance and move around. It should be a fun song that helps them begin to focus on the theme of the day. Our second song is a moderate tempo as we begin to slow things down and prepare the kids to focus on the lesson.

At this point we move to a different element in our service.  This may include receiving the offering, sharing a Bible passage, telling a story, etc.  Our third song will be a slow, intimate worship song. During this time we a want to encourage kids to focus on the presence of the Lord as we prepare to enter our Primary Teaching Time.

Following our primary Teaching Time and Small Group Time we come back together to close our service.  At the close of the service we reiterate the Bible Point of the Day, our Memory Verse and finish with one of the songs we sang earlier in the service.

Share the Words

If you are debuting a new song, it is helpful at times to share the words before you introduce the song. One way to do this is by reciting the chorus without music before you actually sing the song. Another option is to tell your kids what to sing next. The worship leader must know the songs well enough that they are able to sing without looking at the screen.

While leading, make sure to sing with enthusiasm and maintain eye contact with the group. Smile at children that are doing well and use your eyes and expressions to encourage others to do the same.


This is the key! You cannot lead kids where they have no desire to go. When you are leading with passion, excitement and fun, the majority of the kids will follow your example and participate fully. If you are having fun, then they are sure to do the same.