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What If: Kidmin’s Were Free Agents

So, if you’re a sports fan you know about free agency, trades, etc. Can I get a witness from my friends in St. Louis?! (by the way…thank you!)

I was thinking, I wonder what it would be like if associate pastors (i.e. children’s, youth, outreach, etc.) were treated like sports stars? Would it be bad? Here you are doing amazing things in your city at ABC Church when all of a sudden your pastor calls you in his office and says, “You’ve been traded to XYZ Church. We picked up a youth and outreach guy.” You’ve built up the ministry so well that now they’re sending you to another team to do what you did with them and in return they’re getting leaders to shore up other weaknesses.

We’re all on the same team. Why can’t it be a positive free agency or trade? Why does the church often times make “trading” awkward and difficult? It’s just a “what if” thought. What say you?

What would be the pros and cons?


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Justyn Smith is married to an amazing wife and is a father to five children. He is the children's pastor at South Hills Church in Corona, CA and has a passion to help other children’s pastors become great leaders in their local church and ministry. He consults, writes, and is a frequent conference speaker. Justyn is the host of Celera Kidmin (click http://www.celeragroup.org/network-coaching/kidmin.aspx for more info) and has recently been named one of "Children's Ministry Magazine's" Top 20 to Watch. Twitter: pastorjustyn Facebook: facebook.com/pastorjustyn