Waiting for Right

One of the most significant challenges for me in the past two years has been learning to wait.

Wait for the right timing.
Wait for the right step.
Wait for the right person.

I’m not a patient person. In fact, I’m highly impatient. My high sense of urgency and low sense of caution can prompt me to look before I leap.

For the past two years I’ve been on the hunt for the right team members to add to the fpKIDS staff. I’ve interviewed a ton of great people. But for one reason or another it wouldn’t be the right time, right role, or both. And one things I’ve learned about teams… I’d rather want what I don’t have, than have what I don’t want.  So I’ve learned to wait.

For a while I got sick of saying, “When I have a full team, we will…”. The hindrance of not being able to run at full speed is more than I can bear. You can only take that for so long.

Did that mean we didn’t do ministry? Absolutely not! It just means I needed to manage the margin of my team carefully. There are certain things about ministry that are simply non-negotiable. These are the things you have to invest time in (i.e. great weekend services) while other events are really extraneous (i.e. annual picnic). Managing the amount of time my team invested in these things was a high priority.

So I found myself waiting and managing. Waiting and managing.

Two weeks ago our newest team member joined our staff.  And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Brian Marshall has several years of Children’s Ministry experience under his belt and he brings a great deal of creativity, enthusiasm and some great GTD skills to the team.  The prospect of ministry at Faith Promise just got a little brighter.

Hiring right may take a long time… but it’s worth the wait.