You Choose How YouLead

YouLead is getting a major upgrade! In fact, to borrow this year’s Orange Conference theme, we are changing the game. We are giving you something you’ve never had before with YouLead—choice.
We’ll still have a featured issue every month, but now you’ll also have the option to explore the YouLead library and select the YouLead issue that best suits the needs of you and your team. In fact, in your new YouLead library, you’ll find three different kinds of resources:
  • Issues: This is the monthly content you’ve come to know and love.
  • Sessions: Individual breakouts from past Orange events on specific subjects.
  • Orange Events: Everything you need to create an Orange event tied to a specific piece of the strategy.
You’ve Got Credit
You’ll also notice something else that’s new—we’ll be giving you credit. Sure, we think you’re doing a great job, but we’re not talking about that kind of credit. We mean the buying power kind of credit.
Here’s how we calculated your credits. For those of you who hate math, please bear with us. We’ll try not to make this too algebraic.
To start off, we converted everyone’s one-year subscription to 150 credits. (For those of you who have the super deluxe version, you get extra credit!) Then we assigned a credit value to every issue (what we call the monthly content you’ve been enjoying), as well as some other resources. Here’s how it breaks down:
  • Issue: 10 credits each
  • Sessions: 2 credits each
  • Orange Events: 25 credits each
Now, let’s say you signed up for YouLead last June. And let’s pretend today is April 3. Here’s how we calculated your account:
  • 150 credits (one year subscription starting June 2011)
  • Minus 100 (10 credits  x 10 months, because you’ve had access to 10 months of resources)
  • Which means you have a remaining credit balance of 50 credits.
You can use that 50 credits to follow along with us and utilize the featured issue for the next few months, or you can go in the library and spend them on some past issues or resources you may have missed.
Once your credits expire, simply renew your subscription to get 150 more credits which you can redeem for even more great resources!
You’ve Got More Access
Since we have consolidated our subscriptions into just one, all subscriptions come with access for up to 10 individuals. That means, as a current Standard subscriber, you can now add five more people to your account!
You have a license—now you can drive!
No more being chauffeured around by us. You have the ability to drive the car. In addition to giving you more resources to choose from, we’re also allowing you to access past content that you’ve used. Once you select a series, you have one year from the date you redeem it with your credits to have access to the content. So, if you wanted to watch a video from a couple of months ago, you can still go in and download that file you need.
Our desire with all these game-changing ideas is to accomplish one goal—to help you lead. We want to help you lead you and others with the resources you need, and be able to select what you need when you need it.
Got questions? We’re here to help. Just email Bre Hallberg with your questions!

Now go ahead . . . you lead.
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