Are We Hug Level?

We were so fortunate to have Jon Acuff join us for The Orange Conference 2012. His insights and humor are refreshing to leaders and church communities.

Yesterday, Jon wrote on his Stuff Christians Like blog about a situation that occurred on-stage at OC12. We thought it was funny and wanted to make sure you saw it. So, what do you think? Are we hug level?

The Assumed Hug by Jon Acuff

I am more awkward than you. You probably feel like you are awkward, but you don’t have 5,000 witnesses to something awkward you did two weeks ago.

I do.

I was speaking at The Orange Conference in Atlanta. A guy named Reggie Joiner puts it on with his team at reThink. They’re a bunch of geniuses, and you should check out what they do.

Reggie interviewed me from stage which was awesome because Andy Stanley spoke right before me. And one of the first rules of public speaking is “never follow Andy Stanley.”

The interview was a blast. We talked about the role leaders need to play with social media. When it was all done, I stood up from a chair I had been desperately trying not to fall off, and then made a decision: [MORE]