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What Should Our Vision Be For Children’s & Family Ministry?

“What Should Our Vision Be For Children’s & Family Ministry?”

I was recently asked this question by a senior & executive pastor from a church I was consulting with. It’s a great question and one that every church needs to wrestle with and answer.

What I told them, though, was that I couldn’t answer it for them. The answer to this question lies within the overall vision of the church, and should flow from that overarching vision.

That’s the first part of the answer to this question: defining what the vision is for my church. You cannot define the vision for children’s & family unless you clearly understand the vision for the church as a whole.

Second, we’ve got to know what “vision” means. There are different views as to how to define vision, mission, etc., but here’s how I approach it:

  • Vision is always about being; it is what you want to become, or the future place you want to end up.
Andy Stanley defines vision as

“…a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be.”

In contrast…

  • Mission is always about doing; it is how you get to your vision, or the process involved.
  • Values is always about believing; it is who you are as an organization, or the people you need to be.
  • Goals is always about achieving (steps completed); it is what you do to fulfill your mission / vision, or the progress you make.

So…we ask the question again: What Should Our Vision Be For Children’s & Family Ministry?

You must invest the time & effort to have the conversations that will answer that question for your children’s & family ministry. But below is a “generic” version that may help you to do so.

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Example of vision, mission, values & goals for your children’s & family ministry: 

Vision: our children’s & family ministry exists to see families in our church become followers of Christ with a strong HEART for God. 

Mission: We will accomplish our vision by partnering with parent to guide kids toward a HEART for God, through:


  • H eartfelt Relationships
  • E ngaging Teaching
  • A uthentic Worship
  • R eal Service
  • T elling the Good News


  1. To share the value of relationship with every volunteer through a personal conversation in the interview process, and inclusion as a training in our volunteer orientation;
  2. To require completion of our volunteer basic training within the first year of service, ensuring the guidelines for engaging teaching are communicated;
  3. To invest in development of a student-led worship experience with specific evaluation of worship engagement at every level in our children’s ministry, and be equipping parents to lead family worship times in the home; 
  4. To offer individual & family service opportunities for everyone engaged in our ministry;
  5. To equip & provide tools to our children, parents & volunteers to share the Gospel, and to present the Gospel in every teaching environment at every opportunity. 
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

What’s your vision for children’s & family ministry?

If you’ve defined it, please share it below!

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