To Train or Not to Train

A guest post by Larry Hillman

Recently I taught a 14 week class on the books of Genesis and Exodus. During my study I ran across a comment that pointed out that it took only 2 chapters for God to create the universe, while it took him 10 chapters in Exodus to give directions for the tabernacle.

The author of the comment was trying to point out the importance of the Tabernacle. I on the other hand had a completely different point of view.

I think that it took 2 chapters for God to make the universe because God did it, while it took 10 chapters for the Tabernacle because God had to tell someone else what to do.

It has been my experience that it is always easier and quicker to do something myself, than it is to tell someone else how to do it. I can quickly put together a lesson with lots of fun and object lessons, show up at the appointed time and everyone thinks it was great.

But to to show someone where to find an object lesson, teach them how to present it in an energetic manner, and explain how to lead the crowd toward a spiritual truth while keeping their attention takes a whole lot more time, energy and plain old work.

This extra time, energy and work is precisely the reason so many people don’t do it. And it is precisely the reason so many ministries stay small and never grow.

A leader has to be willing to go the extra mile and put in the work, energy and time needed to develop competent workers. And it is only when you have others who can do the same thing that you do, that your ministry will begin to grow and multiply. So the question is simple: To train or not to train.


Larry Hillman has always had a heart for reaching out and helping children. His career has spanned from school principal to children’s pastor to national children’s camp speaker  to author of children’s and leadership books. Larry is currently Associate Pastor at Faith Life Church in Tampa Florida.  Website

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