My 2012 Reading Summary

I’m around students a lot. I know that most students I talk to, do not like to read. It’s a shame. I think reading is the 2nd best way to learn. Asking questions to people that know what they are doing is the best way, in my opinion.

I try to read at least 3 books a month. I met that goal this year and plan to try to push it to 4 next year.

I’ve put some of the things that I’ve read this year into practice and it’s benefited me, my family and my ministry in a huge way. My understanding of Christ and His role in my life, strategies, and habits have all been stretched. It’s been a year of growth and I’m seeing the things that I’ve taken from books playing a huge part in that process.

So this year, when you are planning areas that you wish to grow in. Make a list and then find some books that address those particular issues. I’ll go over mine that I’ve used this year to help me grow and maybe that will help your process your list for next year.

Time Management

This is something that I didn’t really plan to focus on, but quickly became a theme. It started with a talk by Jim Wideman and then 3 books that each deal with Time Management in their own way.

All of these books have helped me develop a system of using my time better. I still have a long way to go but these books were integral in developing my new system.

Personal Responsibility/Grace

This is something that was a doctrinal issue that I wanted to spend a lot of time diving into. I’ll share with you some of the things that I read and just let you know that the balance has been strengthened in my mind rather than swayed.

This was one area that I spent a lot of time with this past year. I definitely feel more comfortable talking about the gospel with students and feel, although maybe a false feeling, more articulate about it’s intricacies.

Being a Man

Funny title, haha. But knowing that a son was coming, I knew that I needed to read up on Biblical Manhood. I read some fun stuff as well on the subject but definitely helped me refine my role as husband, man, and now father.

Definitely some things that have changed the way that I think and some new adventures are on the horizon as a result of learning from these books.