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Change, Everyone Hates It but Differently

We’ve been going through a few changes with the transition in our student ministry staff over the last few months. The change is exciting for me, but I know that it’s because I get to make most of the decisions. I also know that change can be hard for people. Even if it’s the greatest change in the entire world, you have to understand that people will not like different things about the change.

I’ve learned a lot through this process. I am definitely not an expert and I don’t really know that I’m even good at it, but I’ve learned these 5 things about change:

1. Change brings opportunity.

If you stay the same, you may be missing out on big things. Some expected and others are completely unexpected. Really fun to think of the possibilities.

2. Change brings pain.

Growth is hard and painful. You will inevitably experience pain as you grow.

3. Over communicate.

If you have communicated something less than 3 times to the same group of people, you haven’t even communicated the minimum amount. I would say about 7 times is good and make sure those 7 times happen for everyone.

4. Lead change, but gather input.

Someone has to lead, but it doesn’t mean that you lead alone. You need buy-in from your key people. They need to share the burden of change. If you are the only one feeling the burden you will make change more difficult for your organization.

5. Know the situation.

Know what’s happening with your people. As you are changing an organizational structure, their family life may be upside down. Yes, they should be able to deal with some of these things on their own, but the pain of change is multiplied if personally they are struggling. Know where your people are at with the plan and where they are at personally.