Sporadic Summer Attendance

Summertime usually equals sporadic attendance in the student ministry world. You’ve probably witnessed this firsthand if you’re a small group leader. Sometimes only one student may show up for small group—and it may not be the same student from week to week! How can you make sure your students don’t fall away during summer?

One thing to do is contact them during the week. Using social media is helpful, but sometimes a phone call does so much more. Also, set aside some time to hang out outside of church. Meet up with one or a couple of students at a time at Starbucks, the pool or even Target. Simply invite them to “tag along” in your world. Lastly, try to do something special as a group once this summer. You could show a movie outside, go to a concert or have a BBQ. Let this summer be a time to invest relationally with your students.

What are your suggestions for keeping in touch with students over the summer?