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Jesus Loves Your Ministry More Than You Do

After leading children’s ministry for almost 20 years, I’ve learned something very significant that is sometimes easy to forget. Chaotic and hectic can become the norm and you find yourself saying, “things should slow down soon” but you know that they never do. Stress mounts and we find ourselves on the verge of a mental/emotional meltdown… and this just describes a typical Monday. That would be funny if it wasn’t so close to being true.

Here’s a reminder for you: Jesus loves your ministry more than you do.

Relax. Take a breath and think about that for a few minutes.

In over 15 years of ministry leadership, I’ve spoken the words, “I don’t know how this is going to work” more times that I’d like to admit. However, when I look back on all the years I’ve been doing this, I’ve seen God provide in more ways that I can recount. I’ve seen God pull through and provide exactly what we needed in a way I didn’t expect, sometimes at the very last minute. Sometimes the season is really hard and the experience is less that fun, but God does his work. Kids learn about God’s love and meet Jesus and ministry goes on… even in less than ideal situations.

Here’s another thing I’ve noticed. I’ve lost a key volunteer or staff person that I’ve depended on in such a huge way. When they left/stepped away, I imagined a looming disaster, but it never comes. I’ve seen God do the miraculous and within weeks, have something even better that never would have happened if I hadn’t lost the person I was afraid of losing.

What this means:

Sometimes we hold onto our ministry too tightly. It’s natural. We’re protective. We’re stewarding what God gave us to manage. We love what we’re doing and only want the best. But remember this. Jesus loves your ministry more than you do. Better said, Jesus loves the kids, volunteers and families in your ministry far more than you ever could.

One day you’re going to step away for the ministry you’re leading. As much as you feel you’re “holding it all together” and your belief that it will disintegrate the moment you walk away, chances are that it wont. I promise, I’ve seen this happen more times that you know. Why is it hghly unlikely that things won’t fall apart? Because Jesus loves your ministry more than you do.

Take Away:

Relax a little. Take that vacation you’ve been needing to take. Share some of the load you’ve been carrying. It’s not going to fall apart. Trust God in this. Take the time to get healthy and ensure that you’re going to be able to lead for the long haul. Do what you can do and trust God with the rest.