Recruiting Workers and Gaining Support for Your Ministry

Do you struggle recruiting workers? Does ministry sometimes appear to be an activity of organized chaos? Do you feel it difficult to gain the support and vision from other leaders or the rest of the church body for what you desire to accomplish in the Children’s Ministry Department?

I am going to give you a plan of action to assist you in involving reliable workers, building support for your ministry, and creating an environment conducive to spiritual growth in your children. 

All of us have had times when we experienced one or all of the above situations. And, most ministry conferences or seminars will feature sessions that address these concerns. There is one approach that will greatly assist you in discovering solutions to these. It really comes down to the perspective of how you try to deal with them. Most of the time we tend to focus on treating the symptoms and do not recognize the root cause of the issues we are facing.

Though vision is important and vital to any successful ministry, effectively presenting and fulfilling the vision begins with building a strong foundation. When you have a solid strong foundation, others will join in the vision! It really is much like the cliché, “If you build it, they will come.” So, the first question is, “Have you built your foundation?”

Here is what I have found to build a strong foundation that powerfully addresses these issues. Let’s focus upon four key words; Identity, Purpose, Strategy, and Structure.

Identity – People want to belong to something! Develop an identity for your ministry!
Purpose – Answer the question: Why does this ministry exist?
Strategy – Can you concisely express how you are fulfilling the purpose?
Structure – Create a clear blueprint of how to implement your strategy. (i.e. curriculum, behavioral expectations, training and equipping sessions, personal spiritual growth goals for workers, equipment – puppet stage, microphones, computers, projectors, puppets, props, signs, advertisements, promotions, events, etc…)

When you have these four keys firmly established, you will more effectively be able to gain support, build your team, and accomplish your vision.

In closing, think of it as a new businessman approaching a bank for support to start his new business. The businessman needs a solid plan of action. He must clearly present to the bank personnel the identity of his business, the purpose of his business, the strategy and structure which will make his business successful and worthy of their partnership.

I pray these words will challenge you and aid you in becoming more effective in ministry and more effective in fulfilling God’s call on your life!   

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