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Outreach Idea for Kids: Attract Crowds With an Ice Cream Blitz


  1. Next, assess the best areas of the community to target. Determine the best date/time of year for the event.
  2. Clearly outline the outreach objective and appoint a leader to manage the event.
  3. Gather a team to manage the logistical and promotional details.
  4. Prepare materials to present to children to invite them to church. (These don’t necessarily have to present the Gospel formally. They can be of interest to kids and include an invitation to church.)
  5. Develop a detailed plan of all logistical and preparatory actions. Include location, purchase, and storage of ice cream, delivery method, the vehicle to be used, loudspeakers and music, the roles of various team members, etc. Consider having a training session with volunteers beforehand so everyone knows their roles (ice cream distributor, materials provider, clown, etc.).
  6. Promote the event creatively and thoroughly. Plug it in all church communications—worship bulletins, newsletters, e-mails, on your website, etc. Use a door-hanger campaign within your community. Consider a public service announcement on local TV and radio stations. Use flyers, verbal invitations, postcards, and even announcements through a stereo loudspeaker as the “ice cream truck” drives slowly through targeted neighborhoods.


  1. How many people got involved in this outreach idea for kids?
  2. What were some results of the Ice Cream Blitz?
  3. In what ways did we see God at work? How many new people have come to our church as a result of this idea? How many new people made a decision for Christ?
  4. Would we consider using this outreach idea for kids again? If not, why not?
  5. Finally, how can we improve our implementation next time?

Excerpted from The Outreach Idea Kit, available at www.outreach.com. Used by permission.