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Witnessing to Kids: Effective Methods

God is at work in the lives of first- through sixth-grade girls and boys. At some point during these years, most children become aware of their sin. Children’s workers are called to lay the spiritual foundation in the lives of children so that when God’s Spirit speaks to them they will know how to respond. Our evangelistic efforts with children must be both intentional and age appropriate.

Here are ten effective methods to help you as you and the Holy Spirit meet with children.

1. Deal with each child individually. Children are unique and their signs of conviction are unique as well.

2. Use terminology that the child can understand. Remember children are literal thinkers. Avoid symbolic language.

3. Be conversational. Always ask questions that require more than a “yes” or “no” response. Encourage children to express their own ideas.

4. Answer questions honestly and leave the door open for further questions.

5. Only answer questions the child asks. Allow children to be curious without assuming they are under conviction.

6. Don’t rush a child. Wait for the child to indicate interest before making an effort to talk with the child about conversion.

7. Use the Bible and rely on it. (Admit, Believe, Confess)

8. Do not violate a child’s privacy. Having a child name his specific sins is not necessary.

9. Avoid giving rewards. Children desire to please adults and receive gifts.

10. Trust God to do His work. In His perfect timing the Holy Spirit will draw children to Jesus.

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