10 Keys to Long-Term Ministry

This morning I sat down and thought about the length of time I’ve spent in ministry.  Believe it or not I have now been in full time ministry for 21 years.  (not counting my volunteer years…yes I was a volunteer long ago) Wow! It has flown by.  So, I thought I would share 10 Keys to Long Term Ministry.

1. Renew your Commitment

Ask yourself why you are in ministry.  Remember what first drew you to ministry as a vocation.  Think about how you felt when you first answered God’s call.

2. Don’t view your Ministry as a Stepping Stone

Too often ministry to children or teens is seen as a starting place for ministry.  If you are called to serve Children or Teens serve there with purpose and commitment.

3. Evaluate & Grow

Analyze how things are going within your ministry on a regular basis.  Remember, people’s perception is their reality. Check the temperature of the room often.

4. Stay Healthy – Spiritually, Emotionally, & Physically 

We need to be attentive to all three of these areas if we desire to serve for the long haul.

5. Communicate – Communicate – Communicate

Large groups, Small groups and individuals all need clear communication about where we are going and how we are going to get there.

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Keith Tusing is a Family Ministries Pastor with 20+ years of experience serving churches in Texas and Arizona. His passion is to see Children’s and Family Ministries that encourage leaders to partner with parents in developing the next generation. He has been married to his amazing wife, Julie, for 30 years and is the father of six incredible kids.