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Let's Play Games in Children's Ministry!

We play games with our kids and families every time we meet. We have games that are silly, games that are competitive, games that are gross and games that are just plain fun! There is always a purpose in mind for the game, but that does not mean every game has a teaching point. Yes, sometimes our games teach, but that is not the single criteria used for determining which game to use at a particular class or event.

A List of a few of the goals we may have for choosing a game:

  1. Reinforces the Bible lesson
  2. Breaks down barriers
  3. Builds community
  4. Develops leadership
  5. Stretches creativity
  6. Makes us laugh (never at a child’s expense!)
  7. Entertains the audience
  8. It’s fun!

A List of “Must Dos” before introducing a game:

  1. Decide the why or the goal of the game
  2. Simplify the rules
  3. Collect materials
  4. Test the game
  5. Determine the location
  6. Choose the right game leader

Steps to Introducing a New Game

  1. Choose the right game leader (this is critical)
  2. Demonstrate enthusiasm
  3. Clearly communicate the rules In the briefest time possible
  4. Encourage everyone to engage—both participants and audience
  5. Keep it moving—nothing kills the energy of a game like dead time
  6. Include music—it adds tremendously
  7. Keep it short—it’s always better to leave them wanting more!

Kids love games! They have the potential to accomplish so much for our ministries. We want kids to love attending, and we want them to talk about their experiences at home. Games can be a surefire way to create momentum and keeps kids engaged. What would you add to the above list? What are your favorite games? Leave a comment and share your ideas!