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3 Ways to Improve Your Teaching This Weekend

You are probably thinking about Sunday today. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Is my teaching going to help people?” “Am I going to encourage and challenge them to take steps in their relationship with God?” I’ve got three questions that I always ask myself before I present a teaching, and I think they will help you craft an improved version of your talk.

1. Am I teaching something that points to Jesus?

Jesus is the reason that I teach the Bible. Without Him, my faith is sunk. I don’t want to point people inward, I want to point them upward. Is this about self-esteem and self-confidence or faith and trust in Christ and the finished work of the cross?

2. What should I not say?

There are some things that cloud the clarity of your message. I know that readers are leaders, but just because you are reading it, doesn’t mean it should be in your teaching. We all want to make fun of Justin Bieber’s pant size compared to the rest of him, but if your audience is offended by anything other than the Word of God, you shouldn’t say it. Take more stuff out of your teaching than stuff that you add this weekend.

3. Will I finish on time?

Why don’t you finish your message on time this week? You do realize the only reason, save an act of God, that you would finish late is because of you right. Your people have probably made plans, you’ve probably set expectations so you should actually finish on time. Stick to your studied text and finish on time. You help out all your teams when you do that.

If you’ll notice, two of these questions have to do with taking stuff out of your message. I teach students on a weekly basis, and for me, the shorter, more focused the content is, the better. Not only that, but most of what gets added is fluff and takes away from what you are really trying to say anyway. Please take some time this weekend and ask yourself some questions to improve how you teach on the weekend.

What questions do you ask before you’ve got your final copy for your teaching?