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Make Plans for Fall Ministry in Your Kidmin

As summer is quickly coming to a close…my daughter is already lamenting on how short summer break has been!  This summer to date we’ve packed in VBS, Universal, Wet-n-Wild, the Springs, and more. Right now we are in the midst of planning details for the fall. What are the key questions we need to be asking? Here’s a Top Ten List to help us get started and focus on the “big picture” items:

1.       What has our evaluation process of the spring told us?

2.       Which programs are on the right track?

3.       What programming needs to be tweaked?

4.       What programming needs to be added?

5.       What programing needs to be removed?

6.       What facility changes need to be completed before school starts?

7.       What staffing changes need to be made?

8.       Are there any current A/V needs for our ministry?

9.       Is our current curriculum meeting the needs of our families?

10.   What are the “end goals” we desire to hit this fall?

Each of these questions will help to reveal direction for fall plans and programs. Honest answers to these questions will also open our eyes to possible areas of weakness within our program. Soliciting responses to these questions from key leaders and parents within our program can also help to empower potential leaders and encourage their active involvement.

Another benefit is preventing stagnation. Honest evaluation coupled with helpful critique can help to move a ministry forward. It has been said that “you are either moving forward or falling backward” and I know that none of us desire to go backward. So let’s take a little time to boldly ask these questions ourselves and share them with others. The responses we receive can help us to determine direction and encourage us to reach for new heights within our ministries.