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Fruit of the Spirit Lesson for Kids: 5 Ideas for Sunday School

5. Fruit Suit

Items needed: markers, papers, variety of decorating items (optional)

Using the paper, markers, and other decorating items you supply, children will make their very own fruit mosaic suits to remind them of what the fruits on their insides must show to the rest of the world.

Say: God gives us fruit of the Spirit to help us show others what his love looks like. God’s love is Jesus, his one and only Son, who he gave to each of us on the cross. Jesus paid the price for our sins so that we could be with God in heaven forever. When we accept God’s gift of Jesus, that love is inside of us. It’s there in the form of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

We can’t ever pay God back for his love for us. But we can obey his commands to love him and to love our neighbors. God wants us to show everyone we meet what his love looks like. But how will they know what God’s love looks like if we don’t show them? What if we just keep it all inside? Is it doing any good for God or for anyone else? No way! If you could wear God’s love on the outside, what would it look like?

Give each student a sheet of paper. Set out the markers and decorating items. Instruct children to design a suit they could wear that would show others what God’s love looks like. For example, they may use heart stickers or draw a heart on the outfit, symbolizing love. They could simply make a multi­colored design to show the many colors of God’s love to others, which they learned about from the prism demonstration, if you chose to do that activity. Allow kids to be creative, and encourage them to really think about what features they add to their suits.

When students finish, ask:

• What does your suit tell others about God’s love?

• What other ways could you show God’s love?

• Why do you think God doesn’t give us a suit to wear to show his love to others? Why does he grow his love inside of us?


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What do you recommend for a fun, meaningful fruit of the Sprit lesson for kids? Let us know using the comment section below!