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Taking Faith to School: 6 Lesson Ideas

United We Stand

Form new small groups. Have groups work together to perform the following task:

Have everyone in the group connect by linking[dh1]  arms. Make sure each person is linked to another person. Then without breaking contact, have your group walk around the room while passing a book or other small item around the outside of the circle. Make sure you don’t let the item touch the floor.

Afterward, have group members take turns telling one positive quality they see in your group, such as enthusiasm, friendliness, or humor. Don’t let anyone repeat an answer someone else has said.

Have groups read Romans 15:1-6 and discuss these questions.

• How was Romans 15:1-6 illustrated in this activity?

• What did you think as we worked together to accomplish our tasks? Why?

• How can we work together to take our faith to school?

• How can the advice of Romans 15:1-6 help us take our faith to school?

Imitating Others

Have kids form pairs. Tell pairs they’ll take turns pretending to be reflections in a mirror. When someone is a reflection, that person should imitate whatever his or her partner does. Tell pairs to choose who will be Player One and who Player Two. You’ll announce which partner leads and what activities the leader should act out. Have pairs spend 15 seconds acting out each of the following:

• Ones, brush your teeth. (Twos, mirror.)

• Twos, wash your hands. (Ones, mirror.)

• Ones, make strange faces. (Twos, mirror.)

• Twos, lift weights. (Ones, mirror.)

• Ones, put on makeup. (Twos, mirror.)

• Twos, style your hair. (Ones, mirror.) 

After the activity, have pairs read 2 Corinthians 3:18 and Ephesians 5:1-2. Then discuss these questions as a group.

• How was imitating your partner like or unlike imitating Jesus?

• How do you react when you see someone who imitates Jesus?

• How can you “mirror” Jesus at your school this week?

• What are some results of taking your faith to school by mirroring Jesus there?

Tell the Good News

Have your kids form two or three groups (a group can be one person), and have each group choose a sports team or a popular movie. Tell groups that their teams or movies are candidates for “Best in the League” and that the groups have been selected to act as publicity managers. Give groups two minutes to come up with 30-second commercials for their teams or movies. After two minutes, have groups take turns presenting their commercials. When all groups have presented their commercials, have someone wearing blue read Acts 4:19-20. Then have your entire group discuss these questions.

• Which is easier, telling others about your favorite sports team or movie or telling others about Jesus? Why?

• Why is it sometimes difficult to tell others at school about your faith?

• How can Acts 4:19-20 encourage you to be as enthusiastic about telling others about Jesus as you were about telling about your sports team or movie? 

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