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5 Quick, Low-Prep Games for When the Service Goes Overtime

Oh no!  You’ve run out of lesson and it’s communion Sunday. The Pastor must have had an overdose of coffee because he’s still going strong and you’re starting to get concerned about the mounting chaos in your classroom. Don’t panic! Play one of these quick low-prep few props needed games instead.

5 Quick Low-Prep Games for Kids

#1 Sneaky Patty

Gather everyone into a circle with a chair in the middle. Under the chair, put a teddy or other toy. Place a child in the chair wearing a blindfold. Turn on some music. One by one, the other children try to sneak up (on hands and knees) to snatch the toy away. The blindfolded child has to stay seated but can flail around with his/her hands, trying for a blind tag. If he/she tags somebody, that child gets to switch places.

#2 Balloon Bouncing

Everybody lies down in a circle. Try to keep a balloon up as long as possible. Start with five balloons and let the kids pop each one after it hits the ground.

#3 Crayon Relay

Supply one box of crayons per team. Distribute the crayons, one per runner, and put the empty boxes at the finish line. Goal? Fill up the boxes, crayon by crayon.

#4 Balloon Relay

Another race for pairs. The two players must keep a balloon in the air, batting it back and forth, as they run to the finish. You can play with no hands for additional challenge.

#5 Heads Up Seven Up

Place seven students in front of the class, and instruct the rest of the students to close their eyes. The seven go out and each touch a person. That person would stick his or her thumb up. Then the seven would say “Heads up seven up,” and each student gets one chance to guess which of the seven touched him/her. If they guess right, they change places. If they do not, the same person gets to stay up for the next round.

Ideas from Better Homes and Gardens & Games Kids Play.  Have fun!