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Can’t Hang Anything on the Walls? Try These Ideas!

Those nice, clean, painted walls (or institutional green walls)—they just beg for colorful posters or a big mural to help make a lively space for kids. But sometimes we just can’t tape, staple, nail or pin anything to the walls due to shared space issues, “new building syndrome,” or simply adults who don’t understand the needs of kids in a learning environment. In these situations, try the following techniques to bring some color and fun into your space.

  1. If you have acoustic tile ceilings, you can very often hang lightweight décor from them. Use string or fishing line pushed up along the edges of the tile and over the metal spacer. There are also hangers that can be slid into this space to hold things that are a little heavier. You can get those hangers here.
  2. Removable, repositionable, cling-on artwork in all kinds of designs are available at any big box store, as well as online. These are inexpensive, can be taken off or moved around at will.
  3. Seating can add fun to a kids’ room by using things like beanbags, large cushions, director’s chairs, etc. Even if using regular chairs, consider buying them in bright colors. I recently bought 30 chairs in bright blue and black at Walmart. They were on sale for $6! (Score!) They bring color into the room and are lightweight and stackable.
  4. A big, colorful rug gives a bold pop of color in a space. Even bright carpet squares for the kids to sit on will help.
  5. If you have windows in your room, colorful drapes, valances or even long ribbons will work to break up those plain walls. Window clings can be found everywhere, are found in all kinds of designs, and can be replaced for each new season or theme.
  6. When buying furniture or accessories to go in your room, try to pick things that add color, fun and brightness to offset the plain walls. You can place them all around in your room or make one wall the focal point and concentrate them in that area.
  7. If you have a whiteboard in your room, you can add magnets to the back of posters, etc. and put them on the board. You can even do the same with bulletin board borders– back them with magnets and border your whiteboard.

Take stock of your space, head out to the stores or online and see if you can’t give those plain vanilla rooms a shot of fun!

Have any other ideas? Leave yours in the comments or on social media!