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Leadership: 5 Ways to Care for Your Team

Sample Questions/Conversations:

What are some of the “wins” you’ve seen in your area?
Share a few God-moments you’ve experienced in the past month or so.
What are the areas of frustration you face when it comes to your work?
If you knew everything you asked for would be a “yes,” what are the first three things you would ask for?
What are your goals for this season of ministry? How do you plan to accomplish them? What does success look like?

3. Don’t freak out. Chances are that your people aren’t telling you what’s really going on because they’re scared of how you might react. As the leader, listen to them and offer to work together to fix the issues they bring up. By not freaking out, you’re keeping the door open for further conversations. People appreciate approachable leaders they can trust to remain steady even when the job gets tough.

4. Encourage healthy morale. Thank people and celebrate them for the specific role they play in your organization. Even if they are behind the scenes and out of the spotlight, let them know their contribution to the team is valuable. Have fun. What you do is serious work, how you work doesn’t have to be serious all the time. Break out a 30-dance off. Surprise your team with donuts. Have soup week! Let your team know they matter as people not just cogs in your organization.

5. Balance truth and grace. Not everyone will always perform well. If they need help, be honest and talk to them about it. People can’t improve what they don’t know is wrong. It’s better to talk them through the situation, get them help and set improvement goals. Hopefully, they will respond, make necessary changes and continue adding value to the organization. But it may not work, and unfortunately, sometimes it’s just a bad fit. If it’s time for them to discover other opportunities, let them go gracefully and generously. Continue leading them as you cheer them on and give them a leg up on finding their next position.

Your Turn
I’d love to hear how you care for the people you lead.

What’s the most creative way you’ve cared for your team?
What is the most challenging thing you face when it comes to paying attention to the people under your care?