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100 Bible Games Kids Will Love in Sunday School

17 Just-for-Fun Games from churchleaders.com

More Bible Games

Bible Games Online

Here are some great Bible Games online that kids can play. You have to enable flash to make them work. If you don’t know how to enable flash, just google “how to enable flash” and it will show different options for different browsers.
Noah’s Ark Memory Game – This is easy and perfect for toddlers.
Cain & Abel – This is an easy drag and drop puzzler. You can adjust how many pieces you want in the puzzle.
Animal Skins, Bible Animals, and Bible Characters – The first level is easy but the second level jumps pretty deep.
Moses & The Egypt Adventure – You use the left, right, up and down arrows for this. You make sure Moses captures the 10 commandments but avoid the Bad Pharaoh!
Spot the Difference – My little kids love this game! What’s the difference in the picture of Moses and The Burning Bush? It’s not as easy as you’d think. You really have to look!
Coloring Online – Save trees! Kids love pointing on colors and clicking to drop them onto the online picture.
Fruits of the Spirit Word Search – You only get 5 minutes to find all of the fruits of the spirit in this online Bible game word search!
Bible Themes and Characters Word Scramble – You need to arrange letters to reveal the unscrambled answer by clicking and dragging letters. You can use the “hint’ feature if you get stuck! I had to use it. It’s pretty hard!
Bible Trivia Quiz: The New Testament – Example questions include:

  1. “What chapter is known as the chapter of love?” (Answer; 1 Corinthians 13)
  2. “Who ate locusts and wild honey in their wilderness lifestyle?” (Answer; John the Baptist)
  3. “In the book of Matthew, it says that the gate that leads to life is…” (Answer; Narrow)
  4. True or False “Both Jesus and John walked on water together.” (Answer; False)
  5. “What is the sixth book of the New Testament?” (Answer; Romans)
  6. Tue or False “Philemon is a book from the New Testament.” (Answer: True)
  7. “When Peter described Christ’s return to earth, what color did he say the moon would return?” (Answer; Red)
  8. “Speaking to the multitudes, Christ said: “Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will…” (Answer: Be filled.)
  9. Who was known to ruggedly clothe himself in camel’s hair and a leather belt? (Answer; John the Baptist)
  10. In the book of Revelation, where does the river of life flow from? (Answer; from the throne of God and Jesus Christ)


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