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Summer Fellowship Ideas for Younger Children

The Field Trip

The following are suggestions for stops, but don’t hesitate to use some of your own creation. It might be fun to provide a “souvenir” at each stop. Kids can bring their own backpacks from home to collect the souvenirs, or you can provide a “goody” bag with each child’s name printed on the front.

The Library

Actually go to the church library if you have one. Enlist someone to read a book or to tell a story. Souvenir ideas: bookmarks, books, pencils.

The Museum

Set up a room with an “exhibit.” For example, if your exhibit is about bugs, display books or posters about bugs. Arrange plastic bugs in a display. Use this stop as a craft opportunity. Kids can make their own bughouses.

  • Provide empty oatmeal boxes or similar containers with lids.
  • Precut four or five windows in each container.
  • Leave the opening flaps for “shutters.”
  • Cut a piece of fiberglass screening to fit around the container with a one-inch overlap.
  • Roll the screening so it fits snugly inside the container around the sides. Kids can paint or use markers to decorate the outsides of their bughouses. The craft will be the souvenir from this stop.

The Park

Set up a game area. Depending on the weather, this might be inside or outside. Several books offer suggestions for games including the recreation and snack guides from previous vacation Bible school materials. Consider several relays or other team activities. Souvenir ideas: a helium balloon, a small ball, or other toy, prizes from the games (as long as each child eventually receives a prize).

The Picnic Pavilion

Provide lunch. Whether you eat inside or outside, you can provide your own “happy” lunches. Decorate plain lunch sacks with stickers or draw smiley faces. (This makes a perfect opportunity to enlist help from a youth or an adult Sunday school class.) Include a sandwich, a bag of chips, an individually wrapped cookie, a juice box, and (of course) a prize! The souvenir is the prize from the lunch sack.

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