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Overcome the Difficulties of Life with Strong Faith in God

On this 1 John 5:4, Samuel Rutherford wrote:

Let us be glad and rejoice in the salvation of our Lord, for faith never yet has had cause for wet cheeks and hanging down brows. What can ail faith, seeing Christ allows himself (with reverence to him be it spoken) to be commanded by it, and Christ commands all things? Our fair morning is at hand, the day star is near the rising, and we are not many miles from home; what does it matter if we are ill-treated in the smoky inns of this miserable life? How soon a few years will pass and this life’s lease be expired. O happy soul forever! Who can rightly compare this life with its vanity and the lasting life to come with its weight of glory? Do not let the Lord’s dealings seem harsh, rough, or unfatherly because they are unpleasant. When his blessed will blows across your desires, it is best to strike sail in humility, and deny yourself so you have no will of your own. give yourself as a gift to God to make use of for his will. Every day make more and more of Christ, and test your growth in the grace of God. I am blessed by my rich Lord Jesus who does not send away beggars from his house empty. We might beg ourselves rich if we could buy hold our withered hands to Christ, and learn to seek, ask, and knock. Faith lives and spends upon our captain’s account who is able to pay for all. If there were millions of worlds, and as many heavens full of men and angels, Christ would not be pinched to supply all our wants. Christ is a well of life, but who knows how deep it is to the bottom? I have little of him, yet long for more. God has made many fair flowers, but the fairest is heaven, and the flower of all flowers is Christ. One year’s time in heaven shall swallow up all sorrows beyond all comparison. Christ Jesus is the end of your journey; there is no fear, you may look death in the face with joy.
Source: Richard Rushing, ed., Voices from the Past, p. 273.
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