100 Remarkable Reasons to Thank God This Thanksgiving


  1. If you’ve ever had a job, thank God.
  2. If you’ve ever had a great boss, thank God.
  3. If you have a retirement fund, thank God.
  4. If your work has been helpful to other people, thank God.
  5. If you’ve ever been promoted or received a bonus, thank God.
  6. If you’ve ever been paid to travel, thank God.
  7. If you’ve ever been paid for freelance work, thank God.
  8. Estimate your lifetime gross income and thank God.
  9. If you have a measure of financial wisdom, thank God.


  1. If you have a favorite book, movie, show, artist, song, painting, etc., thank God.
  2. If you’ve ever been to a live show, thank God.
  3. If you don’t have to work on weekends, thank God.
  4. Thank God for paid holidays.
  5. If you enjoy your pets, thank God.
  6. If you have a soft bed, thank God.
  7. Thank God for all the natural beauty available in the place you live.
  8. If you enjoy regular times of rest and relaxation, thank God.
  9. If you have time for hobbies and games, thank God.
  10. If you have people with whom you enjoy spending your free time, thank God.


  1. If you’ve ever gone through a trial and haven’t lost hope, thank God.
  2. If the Lord has ever used difficulty for your good, thank God.
  3. If you’ve ever brought fears, worries, anxieties and sadness to Christ and been helped, thank God.
  4. Thank God for every time you’ve worshiped him in the midst of great loss, unrealized dreams or chronic pain.
  5. If you’ve ever waited a long time for something, thank God.
  6. Thank God for his purposes in your pain.
  7. Thank God that he promises to work all things for your good.
  8. Thank God that our every trial, temptation and difficulty is temporary.
  9. Thank God that his grace is sufficient for you.
  10. Thank God for the blessed hope and all our Lord is preparing for you if you belong to Christ.
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Andrew Hess
Andrew Hess is the director of content at the White Horse Inn and editor of corechristianity.com. He formerly served as the editor of churchleaders.com. His writing has been featured on The Gospel Coalition and Focus on the Family. He lives in San Diego with his wife Jen and they recently welcomed their first child. Connect with Andrew on Twitter @AndrewWHess.