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Top 10 Christmas Flash Mobs [Video]

Christmas flash mobs

Christmas has a wonderful way of surprising us. The first Christmas was certainly a surprise to everyone except God Almighty, the heavenly host, and of course, the select few earth-dwellers like Mary and Joseph who had been clued into the divine gift that was on the way. The best part of this gift is that it is for everyone, everywhere. It is a gift to humanity.

Imagine the sense of wonder the shepherds felt and the awe of Joseph and Mary as they held God made flesh. What an incredible thing that would have been to witness. Although not quite on par with that holy surprise, Christmas flash mobs have a way of bringing joy and wonder to unsuspecting crowds. Flash mobs really capture the spirit of Christmas with their element of surprise and the fact that everyone who happens to be present gets in on the gift. They bring people together and remind us all that we share similar experiences and spaces with people who in some ways are different from us. The beautiful thing is, though, that we have more in common than we often realize. We are all God’s children—whether we realize it or not.

We’ve mined the trove of positive internet content to find the very best flash mobs centered around Christmas songs and present to you the 10 best. May your heart be merry and full of the love of Christ as you listen to these awesome Christmas flash mobs.

Here they are, the top 10 Christmas flash mobs:

1. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring/Joy to the World

2. O Holy Night

3. Deck the Halls

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