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Dear Pastors: Speak Up About Justice. Say Something, Anything.

Last Sunday, I attended a mega-church that had zero to say about Ferguson. Not a word. I really like the church and I didn’t expect a whole sermon on it, but as a person of color, I was deeply upset that there were no prayers offered for our hurting community. Meanwhile, an Asian-American pastor like Eugene Cho is getting death threats for speaking up about equality and justice, and yet he continues to boldly speak grace and truth.  He’s been more than fair, reasonable, and nuanced, yet at the same time, he has strong conviction.  I’m hoping for more pastors to exemplify this.

Churches: please don’t be silent on Sundays about what’s happening in the world. I don’t believe we’re primarily a political venue, but people come to church for healing and strength and to know The King who’s above all things.  If you’re scared of alienating people, you were never going to please everyone anyway.  Be thoughtful, but please don’t play it safe.  Say something. To say nothing is more harmful than anything.

— J.S.

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