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David Platt: The Gospel Doesn’t Allow us to Pick and Choose Which Social Issues We Address

Is it really possible to take a stand on cultural issues without harming the spread of the good news of Jesus Christ?

On today’s edition of Family Talk, Dr. James Dobson interviews David Platt on impacting the culture for Christ.

Here are a couple key quotes from the conversation:

“What I’m trying to show … is the Gospel doesn’t give us the option of picking and choosing which social issues we’re going to address and which ones we’re going to ignore based on what’s most comfortable and least costly to us … that the same Gospel that compels us to combat poverty, compels us to defend marriage. The same Gospel that compels us to war against sex trafficking compels us to address sexual immorality in all its forms.”


“I’m fooling myself if I think that I’m going to preach the same thing that Jesus preached and have a different result than he had. I mean crowds turned away and left. And so, I shouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happens when we preach this truth today.”


“I’ve just come to the point where I believe I’m not gonna get to heaven and hear Jesus say, ‘You should have kept more or done more for yourself.'”


“There are clear truths in Scripture that we’ve gotta wrestle with when it comes to the most pressing issues in the world around us.”

Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of this entire conversation at Family Talk.

OUTREACH magazine recently featured David Platt in a cover story you can read here.

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