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10 Apps Every Pastor Should Download

Looking for new apps or going back to old apps to help you be more productive? Are you needing something that will help you organize your thoughts or sermon note? Maybe you want to grow as a pastor and you’re looking for fresh podcasts or content.

The team here at churchleaders.com is constantly on the same quest. So we’ve compiled a list of great bible, productivity and educational apps that every pastor should download.

imgres1Evernote – This note-taking/presentation creating/virtual-assistant-that’s-better-than-Siri app has been around for a long time, but it keeps getting better and better. You can take notes, collaborate with your teams, track expenses, and create presentations. It pretty much does everything but make your bed and buy you lunch.

imgres2iTunes U – A great way to continue learning. iTunes U gives you access to free courses, lectures and podcasts from top universities and colleges around the world – for free. You can explore a wide variety of subjects including world history, science, religion and theology and technology.


imgres4Bible App – The number one Bible app in iTunes, this app launched by LifeChurch.TV is a great app that gives you access to several translations of the bible. They have several reading plans and devotionals for people to use. You can also bookmark, highlight, share, and take notes as you’re reading a particular passage of Scripture.

imgres3Dropbox –  If you’re someone who switches between your phone, tablet and computer, Dropbox makes accessing your files much easier. You can upload documents, photos and videos and have access to them no matter where you are. As you upgrade or switch devices, you don’t have to transfer all of your files everywhere, you can just use the Dropbox app.

imgres6OverDrive – Because buying books all the time can be incredibly expensive, your local library can be an endless supply of great resources. Even better is the transition many libraries have made to digital resources. That’s where OverDrive comes in. This app connects with your library app and allows you to access the digital items you check out from the library. It’s a time saver, especially if the resources you wanted weren’t physically at the library.

overcast_whiteOvercast – Podcast junkie with little time to listen? Traveling pastor stuck on a plane with no wi-fi? Check out Overcast. You can create custom playlists, get podcast suggestions from Twitter, and download podcasts offline. You can also use their SmartSpeed option – the ability to speed up the podcast you’re listening to without distorting the audio. A great time saver.

hero-dayone-iconDay One Journal – An award winning app, Day One Journal gives you a space to capture thoughts, ideas, photos, and memories in one seamless experience. It’s a great app if you journal or need a space not connected to all of your pastoral duties to collect your life.


imgresBible! By Logos – With an extensive resource library and more than 70 Bible translations, Bible! By Logos is a great app. You can explore various commentaries and word studies and add notes into passages of scripture. If you have purchased Logos, you can sign into your account and sync your notes and studies across devices.

imgres8PrayerMate – As a pastor, you’re constantly asked to pray for people you encounter. Keeping track and staying faithful in your promises to pray can be tricky. PrayerMate was designed to help you write down who you’re praying for and to faithfully do it. You can create categories, lists, and contacts, as well as create a personal PIN so that the requests you enter maintain confidentiality.

imgres7Any.Do/Wunderlist – I’ve combined these two because they both take to-do lists and make them fun and unique. Any.Do gives you the option of collaboration, setting up reoccurring to-dos, and the ability to sync files from your Dropbox app. Wunderlist was an award winning app in 2013 and offers users collaboration on lists, the ability to set up reminders for to-dos, and attach files to lists. Both streamline the to-do list experience in easy to use applications.

We hope you find this list helpful! And be sure to let us know in the comments what apps you’re using or an amazing app we missed.

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