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The Mountain Top Prayer Box Will Challenge The Way You Pray

When you say you’ll pray for someone, do you follow through and pray? For many of us, the commitment to pray for friends, family members, and others in our church is a genuine promise. But busy schedules or distractions can get in the way, and we might not follow through.

If you need some inspiration in your prayer life, meet Angela Tomiye. About a year and a half ago, Tomiye painted her grandfather’s old toolbox and toted it to the top of Koko Head trail. The purpose of the box is to hold prayer requests hikers leave as they reach the top of the 1,048 step path. Every two weeks, Angela hikes to the upper part of the trail to retrieve the prayer requests and takes the time to intercede for the cares people leave behind.

“I wouldn’t believe in prayer if I didn’t see answered prayers in my own life,” she explained to Christianity Today. “I have had the pleasure of seeing the most amazing miracles happen before my eyes because of prayer. I cannot deny its power. The beautiful thing about prayer is that it brings us to a place where we humbly ask.

Angela’s story is an inspiring one. She followed the call of God to start the prayer box and now prays over the requests of hurting and broken people she doesn’t know. And she prays for each of them to know the Lord.

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The power of prayer is evident throughout Scripture. It’s not only the receiving of prayer, but many times the opportunity to pray for someone else that can impact our lives. Paul mentions being blessed by the prayers of many people in his work. The church in Jerusalem prayed for Peter, and an angel was sent to free him. Jesus prayed for the disciples and those who were to know Him in John 17. The Psalms are full of prayers to the Lord. Even today there are incredible stories of how the Lord moves and works in the midst of prayers.

We don’t all have to put a prayer box at the top of a mountain like Angela Tomiye. But we can follow her example of commitment to prayer for others; whether those “others” are people who are close to us or strangers we see on the street. We never know what the Lord will do when we submit ourselves to His leading in prayer.

To learn more about the prayer box, you can follow We Are Prayer Box on Instagram and join Angela on her journey of intercession.

Photo credit: “Oahu from air2“. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.
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