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37 Million Secrets Exposed—Why This Could Be a Good Thing

I’m sure you’ve the story by now, but if not, here’s an overview.  Ashley Madison is an adultery website with the motto, “Life is short. Have an affair.”  Here’s what went down Monday morning:  A group of hackers called the Impact Team hacked their way into this website dedicated to arranging extramarital affairs and now over 37 million people are at risk of exposure.  The Robin Hood of adultery stole information on these members and threatened to publish their names if the website was not shut down.  How’s that for a vendetta?

Yesterday, Ashley Madison succumbed to the hackers’ “request” and have taken down the website … at least for now.  The bottom line?  Your sin will find you out.  Secrets never stay secrets.

Sadly, the 37 million members also represent 37 million spouses.  Maybe they know about this affair now, or maybe they don’t.  How many more people wondered if their significant other had used this site or had thought about it?  That’s a lot of hurting, scared people.

So, what should our response be?  I don’t have a perfect answer for that, but here are a few things to think about as it relates to Ashley Madison.

1. Think About the Why

What is the lure for these 37 million people?  Maybe it’s to capture that feeling of power, control, or lust.  Many of us have fallen into this trap before, in some form or another.  My hunch is they are trying to fill a void in their hearts.  A hole so big, they are willing to chance a game of secrecy, seduction and cheap satisfaction.

It was Pascal who said, “There is a god-shaped vacuum in the heart of every man, and only God can fill it.”

What if we can teach truth, model love and empower others to embrace the enoughness of who God is and who they are in Him?

2. What to Do in our Homes

We can stay on guard to keep our hearts, marriages, and families sacred and free of the grit and grime of the world.  We can do this by talking and sharing with clear communication and open hearts.  Don’t fear talking about this at home, but know when to be vulnerable and when to have boundaries.

I love this reminder from Bob Goff, “The Bible tells us that love looks like laying down our lives for each other and sometimes laying down our lives means standing up for someone else’s.”

3. Consistently Seek Truth

It’s a bit cliché and overused, but the truth of this verse cannot be ignored.  ”Above all else, watch over your heart; diligently guard it because from a sincere and pure heart come the good and noble things of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Jesus talked about heart issues.  He had a way of bringing any question, topic, issue or quarrel back to the heart.  He deeply cares for you and for your heart.  To guard our hearts is to also live with unveiled glory.

Millions of people have lost sight of their Father and of being known and loved by their Creator.  Today, we can bridge that gap between unknown and known for people.  The church and the family can be a reflection of that love and full life to people who have none and are achingly restless.  Are you ready for that?  It’s time.

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