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Debunking the Devil in Detroit—One-Ton Idol of Satan Unveiled

Believers in Detroit are not happy about the new neighbor in town – a 9-foot tall idol of a horned and winged Satan with two children looking up at him with adoration.

This satanic statue was built in response to Oklahoma’s 10 Commandments monument. Leaders of The Satanic Temple of Detroit attempted to install their statue there, but to no avail. Instead, they settled for an old warehouse in Detroit. The bronze idol was unveiled just before midnight on Saturday in what the organization called “the largest public satanic ceremony in history.” People could purchase tickets to attend the unveiling (a picture with the idol cost extra), but the organization would not announce where the unveiling was located until the day of the event to prevent protesting.

Believers in Detroit met to pray for the city hoping in vain the idol would not be installed and unveiled at all. The Satanic Temple of Detroit is a non-religious organization that “believes in the pursuit of knowledge and freewill” including the “freedom to offend.”

Watch the news report below. *Side note: There are some seriously bad puns in the first 15 seconds.

Let’s pray for Detroit.

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