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First Pediatric Dual Hand Transplant—This 8-year-old Can’t Wait to Hold His Little Sister!

One courageous boy can’t wait to hold his sister for the first time.  8-year old Zion has been dreaming of swinging from monkey bars, throwing a football, playing guitar.

“I wasn’t always like this.  When I was two I had to get my hands cut off cause I was sick,” Zion said.

At age two, Zion suffered from a life-threatening infection that caused multiple organs to fail and resulted in the amputation of his hands and feet.  When he was four, he received a kidney from his mother.

His little life has been filled with trials and hospital visits.  Then after just three months on a donor waitlist, one family’s devastating loss meant hope for Zion and his family.

“So when I get these hands, I will be proud of whatever hands I get.” His smile and optimism would warm anyone’s heart. He continued, “And if it gets messed up,” (his mother told him that everything would be alright), “I don’t care because I have my family.”

After a 10-hour surgery with 12 surgeons and a team of eight nurses and three anesthesiologists, Zion has new hands.

He is the recipient of the first pediatric bilateral hand transplant in the world.  However, Zion’s fight is not over yet.  He will be on medication for his entire life so his body won’t reject the new hands, which would increase his risk of cancer and infection.

Doctors hope this is the first of hundreds of life-changing surgeries for children.

It is incredible when medical science does something that has never been done before.  The miracle of science, life and the intricacy of our bodies points to our Creator.  We cannot resist His glory.  From nothing to something, He sculpted us, body and soul.  We carry His life-giving blood and His excellence within us.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. Psalm 139:14

We are cheering for you Zion!

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