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Intercepted Document Reveals ISIS militants’ Apocalyptic Plan to End the World

A chilling document has been obtained from the jihadist group exposing their plans of a terrorist attack on India to provoke an “end of the world” war with the United States.

This recruitment document was received by the American Media Institute and was translated from Urdu by a Harvard researcher and translator.  U.S. intelligence officials believe the document is authentic based on unique language and markings.

Reflected in the document is an alarming hunger for genocide and relentless violence as they detail plans to attack U.S soldiers as they depart Afghanistan, and target American diplomats and Pakistani officials.

ISIS seeks to encourage Pakistani and Afghan Taliban factions to join with them as one army to form a worldwide caliphate.  They plan to use an attack on India to trigger the United States’ involvement in what they hope will start an apocalyptic war to “end the world.”

For further reading on how we can help with the refugee crisis in the Middle East click here, to learn more about the ISIS caliphate watch here, and to reach about what ISIS wants click here.

How can the church respond to this threat to domestic security?  How can the church stand in the gap for the innocent suffering in the Middle East?

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