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South African Nuclear Scientist: “Science Will Never Contradict the Bible”

Ventel Family - Photo from creation.com

“At which chapter in Genesis do we start believing God’s revelation and the fact that all Scripture is God-breathed?”

Dr. Brandon van der Ventel, an accomplished nuclear physicist and respected professor at Stellenbosch University in South Africa recently made a bold prediction that “science will never contradict the Bible.”

Dr. v.d. Ventel argues the biblical roots of science, the Bible’s unique placement within history and the significance of biblical creation point to compatibility between the Bible and science.  He emphasizes the creation account in Genesis and says that all of the Bible should be received as truth.

“We, as Christians, have a great advantage since the Bible provides an eyewitness account of Creation and as scientists we can study God’s creation from this perspective,” said Dr. v.d. Ventel.

Many scientists hold the evolutionary worldview fails when considering the scientific and physical realities.  Dr. v.d. Ventel said, “there really is no scientific proof for the theory of evolution.  Many other experts in the field of biology, chemistry, physics, geology, medicine and other disciplines have abandoned this false theory.”

As for radiocarbon dating, he said evidence “points to a young earth.” As an example, the dating of rock layers and coal samples “is accepted only if it fits into the grand evolutionary scheme of things. If this is not the case then either new samples are taken or a different dating method is used. Notice, this is not akin to a system of ‘checks-and-balances’ but rather a situation where results are ‘reinterpreted’ in order to obey the evolutionary dogma.”

Dr. v.d. Ventel encourages young Christians to enter the field of science and be equipped in their faith.  “All believers should study Christian apologetics, since it will not only strengthen your own faith but also motivate you to boldly proclaim the Gospel in a secular society where the authority of Scripture and the uniqueness of Christ, are routinely denied.”

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