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7 Quotes from Pixar CEO Ed Catmull #GLS15

When Ed Catmull saw the work of Walt Disney, he wanted to be an animator.  However, he didn’t know how to get to the level of a Disney animator because there were no school paths, so he switched over to physics.  He believed there was a big incongruity between art and science, so he developed the technology to take art and animation to new heights.  Here are seven quotes from the current president of Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Animation Studios and author of Creativity, Inc.

1. “Art is not really about drawing, it’s about learning to see.”

2. “Good stories are the ones that connect with these emotions… The purpose of doing this and creating great stories is to communicate deeply with people.”

3. “Every once in a while magic happens, and by magic I mean the loss of ego in the room.”

4. “Creativity is about solving problems.”

5. “Fail early, fail fast. We must make it safe to do that [to fail], then you will progress faster.”

6. “All good artists know they must operate within constraints.”

7. “The real goal of what we’re doing is to have a positive impact on the world. Our job is to use the storytelling for good.”

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