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20 Best Quotes from the 2015 Global Leadership Summit

Here are our favorite and most tweetable quotes from this year’s Summit!

1. “Grit grows every time you prove to yourself that you can overcome an obstacle with perseverance and tenacity.” – Bill Hybels

2. “We succeed at our very best only when we help others succeed.” – Jim Collins

3. “Don’t hire people to fill a position, select people to fulfill a dream and to serve a purpose.” – Horst Schulze

4. “If you want your team to stay relevant, lead your team into the unknown.” – Liz Wiseman

5. “If there’s laughter in the room, people will solve whatever problem is there, no matter how hard it is.” – Ed Catmull

6. “Do 5 minute favors… find small ways to add great value to others.” – Adam Grant

7. “Who you are in the space where you can’t see in front of you is where courage is born.” – Brené Brown

8. “If you have a spreadsheet but haven’t spread yourself on the ground to pray, you’ve missed the point.” – Albert Tate

9. “Don’t go to work to work, go to work to be excellent in your career and to care about the people around you.” – Horst Schulze

10. “If you’ve become accustomed to being a leader, take a break and let someone else take the lead.” – Liz Wiseman

11. “The fastest way to change the feedback culture in an organization is for the leaders to become better receivers.” – Sheila Heen

12. “So much of leadership is like walking on water, only God can keep you from sinking.” – Brian Houston

13. “Live for what’s worth dying for.” – Common

14. “Everyone really does win when a leader gets better.” – Bill Hybels

15. “Step into that commitment. How bad you want something determines what you will do to get it.” – Craig Groeschel

16. “If your character is not strengthening, your future potential is weakening.” – Craig Groeschel

17. “A secure leader know how to laugh at themselves.” – Michael Jr.

18. “Is it possible we are at our best when we know our very least – when we are rookies.” – Liz Wiseman

19. “I think organizations don’t grow because leaders believe “our people can’t do what we do.” – Sam Adeyemi

20. “The bravest among us will always be the most broken-hearted because we had the courage to love.” – Brené Brown

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