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The Universe is Dying—Why we Don’t Need to Panic

If you’re into that whole “the universe is billions of years old” thing, then I’ve got bad news for you. Scientists have found the universe is only giving off about half the energy it was when it was just a baby, 2 billion years ago.

Lightwaves, electromagnetic radiation and wavelengths are all decreasing. The theory is the universe will slowly (over the next trillion years) become “a cold, dark and desolate place, where all of the lights go out.” Thank you for the happy news astronomer Davies!

But here’s the thing. God made our universe, he is infinitely creative, and he made the galaxies and the universe as living, breathing, sustaining reflections of his glory. Science and faith can and does work together, but sometimes we can play our wild card. In this case, faith trumps science. We don’t need to fear the “Great Fizzle” because God created the lightwaves, black holes and supernova and lots of other things brilliant astrophysicists are discovering.

Our God is way bigger than any “fizzling” universe. Good news, right?

For more on “Charting the Slow Death of the Universe,” click here.  For more good news about our faith, click here.

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