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Matt Chandler: There is No Rational Argument for Abortion

In January 2014, Pastor Matt Chandler passionately tackled the issue of abortion and what it does to unborn children. In six minutes, he talks about the functions and abilities of a baby at various stages of gestation. He also makes the point that abortions most often don’t happen because of the life of the mother is endangered or because of the awful circumstances of rape. Instead, “It is purely around convenience. I’m not ready for this. I didn’t ask for this. And so murder happens for convenience.”

The video is going viral on Facebook, most likely spurred by the release of a series of videos from the Center for Medical Progress. These videos highlight Planned Parenthood officials discussing the selling of aborted baby parts and tissue and are at times very disturbing in nature. The videos have become the center of social media conversation, with most pro-life advocates calling for an investigation of the abortion provider. There’s also been an outcry to stop taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, which the U.S. senate recently voted against.

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